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Charlotte Jones Lenswear
Your eyes are unique to you. Because of that any lens that isn’t made specifically for you is a compromise which affects your vision. Exciting innovations in the science of digital lens design has created a revolutionary new way of seeing that eliminates those compromises.
Digital progressive lenses are the lenses that integrate how your frames, face and prescription work together. Charlotte Jones Opticians can deliver a one-of-a kind digital lens that is precisely tailored to you.
We carry a wide selection of lenses and will advise you on which one works best for your prescription, visual needs and lifestyle. We have different materials in each lens design from plastic lenses to hyper index lenses, transitions (photochromic) as well as polarized lenses for sunglasses.

Amongst the lenses we carry are:

Experience clear, crisp, uncomplicated vision with single vision lenses . Freeform, digitally designed lenses allow us to simulate your eye at every viewing angle to replicate natural vision. It is what we call "As-worn" technology. We use designs that provide outdoor and indoor single vision solutions for each patient's lifestyle need, whether it be for casual every day wear or for use with sports and dynamic activities.

We offer premium progressive (multifocal ) lenses that are made using the most advanced techniques available to the optical industry which aim to recreate perfect vision. These latest freeform progressive (multifocal ) lenses use 100% customized back surface design which offers unsurpassed clarity in all viewing zones

For those who want Visual Comfort for the "Handheld Zone”- we use lenses with enhanced visual comfort in the zone most utilized for handheld technology, you will notice a quicker transition of add power in the intermediate zone.
If your everyday progressive lenses are not providing optimal vision for your handheld digital device, our lens of choice gives you the ideal solution. Unlike a standard progressive, this lens features enhanced visual comfort from 15" – 27", the distance at which digital devices are primarily held .
While typical progressives often have the intermediate zone lower in the lens, this lens allows the your eye to get to this zone more quickly. This feature makes our lens of choice an ideal everyday progressive solution for viewing smartphones and tablets because they are usually held higher than regular reading materials such as books or newspapers. Your eyes will arrive at the optimized intermediate zone sooner, even when holding your digital device higher.

We have specially designed computer lenses for those working with a computer or who are primarily stationed at their desk or workstation throughout the day. This lens will provide you with a wide field of near viewing with clear vision up to five feet. When focus is needed for both mid-distance and near viewing, our lens of choice is different from that mentioned above for computer use. This lens offers a greater field depth of up to 10 feet of visual clarity. This highly advanced freeform lens design is perfect for you if you need a lens that allows you crisp, clear near vision within the workspace as well as sharp focus on people and objects across the room up to 10 feet.

At Charlotte Jones Opticians, we understand that being active and playing sports requires different prescription sun lenses than lounging at the beach with friends. We also understand that people want different frames to express their attitude and personal style. Which is why we fit our clients with two unique progressive (multifocal )lenses - one for fashion and one for sports. The design of these two new lenses addresses the visual needs of fashion and sport prescription sun wear in a wide range of frames - large or small, flat or wraparound.

Golf Specific Lens- This lens is designed to offer great visual performance when playing Golf. The distinguishing attribute of this lens is to provide great vision while looking down at the golf ball.
This optimally designed freeform lens ensures that golfers experience their perfect game. Unlike standard progressive (multifocal ) lenses, the three vision zones are specifically tailored to the needs of golfers to maximize viewing: the scorecard in their hand, the ball at their feet and the green in the distance. It provides sharp focus without distortion in these three crucial areas. It's the first Golf lens designed with a stable mid-range zone to ensure the ball on the ground can be seen clearly so you will have an accurate drive or putt.

Among some of the lens treatments and coatings we offer are UV light protection , Anti-reflective (AR) coating, Mirror Coatings, Blue light filters, tints and many more.

Anti-reflective (AR) coatings diminishes cosmetic issues for spectacle wearers; dramatically reducing glare. Our premium Anti-reflective (AR) of choice provides dramatically reduced cosmetic glare on the lens and reduces visual glare for the wearer, providing a crisp, clear visual experience as well as minimizing “Rainbows” with the Newton Ring Reduction Technology.

• The Improved scratch resistance protects your lenses when it comes to your daily activities.
• Lenses are easier to clean.
• Enhanced anti-static properties repel dust.
• Protects your eyes with backside UV protection.
• Dramatically reduces annoying “rainbows”, for a clear view of your eyes.
• Reduces “visual glare” for a safer driving experience, especially at night.
• Prevents distracting “cosmetic glare” when someone is looking at you.

Blue Filters or Blue Blockers are lens treatments providing protection from the potential harm of natural and artificial light sources present in our everyday lives, from TV and computer screens, smartphones, tablets, and more.
Risks of overexposure
Extensive exposure to blue light leads to tired, dry eyes, eye strain, insufficient visual contrast, and headaches. It increases risk of macular degeneration and retinal disease. Children are particularly vulnerable since the lens of their eyes are more transparent, allowing in more blue light from TV screens and tablets.

Research on visual health shows an increase in the incidence of ophthalmic disease related to today’s greatly increased exposure to artificial light, which is known to not only increase the risk of ocular disease, but it is also related to general health problems.
The known blue light effects of overexposure are difficult time sleeping, tired, dry eyes, eye strain and headaches. It can also cause increased production of lipofuscin (FIG B) (aging markers and free radicals), and is an effective suppressor of melatonin. Decreased melatonin causes disruption of the natural sleep cycle and has been related to greater risk of a number of other conditions from cardio-metabolic problems to impaired immune systems.

Blue light filters or blue blockers ensure comfortable vision in all light conditions, maintaining optimal visual acuity. By absorbing just the right amount of blue light, Blue filters protect the health of the eye without interfering with visual comfort. It also provides UV protection by effectively absorbing harmful UVA and UVB rays. Blue filter is suitable for everyone, recommended for children as well as adults, and for wearers of prescription or non prescription lenses. This means that everyone’s visual health is automatically cared for!
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