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Welcome to Charlotte Jones Opticians

At Charlotte Jones Opticians, we share a passion for the art of personalized expression. This contributes to our diligent selection of the finest eyeglass frames and sunglasses, and our uncompromising standard of service. We provide a diverse range of the most exclusive eyewear collections available from the premier designers.
We specialize in creating an eyewear wardrobe for our clientele with their visual needs and lifestyle in mind, making it enjoyable and easy to accessorize with our eyewear.
Our experienced fully licensed opticians are unobtrusively helpful, efficient and understand facial shapes (petites and plus sizes) and coloring.

We take great pride in the precise interpretation of your doctor’s prescription as well as the accurate fitting of prescription lenses for both eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Your eyes are unique and because of this any lens that is not expertly fitted is a compromise which affects your vision. Whether conventional or digital lenses are used by an optician, it is highly recommended that a fully licensed optician takes the precise measurements and fits you with the most current lens technology that is most appropriate for your prescription, visual needs and lifestyle.

Our goal is to assist you to look your very best and give you the most accurate vision possible. For those with particularly hectic schedules with limited time available, just call to schedule a personal appointment with one of our licensed opticians and stylists to take care of your eyewear needs.

Private showings are available by appointment in our NYC boutique for those who wish to have a more personalized experience.
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