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Charlotte Jones Eyewear and Collections
At Charlotte Jones Opticians we offer a diverse selection of the most exclusive frames for eyewear enthusiasts.
Visit us to view and try on our frames to appreciate their impeccable quality, beauty and comfort. We have frames in all sizes - petite, standard and grande (large and extra large frames).
We can not give away all of our unique finds, but here are a few of our collections;

Our horn frames are made by craftsmen from natural sustainable buffalo horn sourced from environmentally and ethically sound practices. Each bespoke beautifully handcrafted horn frame displays unique natural colorations and the material’s lightweight quality make horn frames both exceptionally beautiful and comfortable to wear.

Our exceptionally engineered wooden glasses are handmade by true craftsmen each pair going through an 80 stage process of manufacturing . It combines both modern and traditional techniques and some of the methods are exclusive. Each and every frame is hand finished in either matt or gloss lacquer, ready for a final buff and polish in order to create a truly exquisite eyewear. All the veneers used come from managed forests with certifications.

THEO Eyewear
So, in 1989, the first theo glasses became a fact. And they were groundbreaking. With every following collection, it became increasingly easier to reach the consumer. Today, more than 20 years later, Theo is sold in 1,400 stores across 50 countries... and theo loves them all!
The Theo headquarters are located in Antwerp. Mik and Toon, two of the three sons of Big Boss Wim Somers, joined the business a few years ago. Third son Jan joined his mother Jamme at the Theo - Somers Optiek store. Nowadays, more than thirty people work for theo in Europe, the US and Japan. So this small family business has developed into a major player in the international optics market. Patrick Hoet sold his shares to Wim about 15 years ago. Nevertheless Patrick stays exclusive designer for Theo. Meanwhile Theo has its own design team that works together closely with Patrick.
And so, Theo keeps on surprising! Theo loves you!

Anne et Valentine
   Aesthetic and Humane
Anne & Valentine was born of the wild dream of a couple of Opticians in Toulouse in search of unique glasses with striking graphic lines for their friends.
Their secret to creating original glasses that dress you without disguising or betraying who you are, resides in the love and interest they instill into the objects themselves. They are involved in each stage of manufacturing the frames. In the creation phase, their designers approach certain frames the way they would of certain people. The work of Anne et Valentine is characterized by expression. Expression of their their values which remain aesthetic and human above all as well as the respect they have for their customers with their rich and singular personalities and their desires of expression.
Yes everything is about feelings, emotion. Intelligence can only serve its purpose if it’s cultivated with the greatest sensitivity. The Anne et Valentine creative studio is both a research workshop and a design space where their designers work alone or as a team.
This collection expresses the unlimited wealth and inspiration as well as high standards that certain artists trigger in them which they in turn put in their work. The very heart of their collective mind focuses on line and color.
This made in France label is also an ongoing commitment. They have been working with the same factories in the Jura region for more than 20 years except for a few titanium models which are made in Japan where the best titanium is found “ Don’t try to stand o it. TRy to do something remarkable “. That’s what we repeat to ourselves, each and every day .

Think 20th Century icons. Grace Kelly. Peter Sellers. Michael Caine in his signature black spectacles. Audrey Hepburn in the big white glasses that framed her elfin face. Iconic style makers - Givenchy, Dior and Vidal Sassoon. Think cult films of the fifties & sixties, The Ipcress File, Harry Palmer, Charade and Two for the Road. They've all got one thing in common. Oliver Goldsmith. In the second half of last century, when it came to eyewear, OG was synonymous with stars and style.

First to see sunglasses as fashion accessories, first to make sunspecs, first to make winter sunglasses.....first to work alongside fashion houses to create one-off pieces for the catwalks, first to appear in Vogue and Queen, and first to be endorsed by celebrities and Royals. OG pioneered a whole new concept. Eyewear. From Bamboo frames to butterflies, tennis rackets to TV Screens, all overtly striking. All signature OG.

Oliver Goldsmith has been a family-run business for over 80 years. Founded in 1926 by P. Oliver Goldsmith, the world of spectacles was about to be revolutionised. Sunglasses gained high profile status during the midfifties and a selection of unusual designs started to appear. OG’s were becoming not only a means of protecting eyes from the sun, but also a fashion statement. Dress designers approached Goldsmith to create frames that would compliment their seasonal collections.
“If you want a truly beautiful hat you go to a milliner like Philip Treacy. If you want incredible shoes you go to Christian Louboutin. But if you want glasses that are amazing quality and that were unique and timeless in their design, then it has to be an OG frame that you invest in.”

Claire Goldsmith is the great-granddaughter of Oliver Goldsmith, one of the most influential designers and creators of modern day eyewear and the man who once dressed the eyes of iconic fashionistas such as Audrey Hepburn and Michael Caine. Today, Claire, a 4th generation Goldsmith, makes some of the world’s most sophisticated and beautifully designed sunglasses and spectacles under the Claire Goldsmith name. For three generations the Goldsmith family have been creating incredible eyewear that has pushed the boundaries of expectation, self expression and individuality. Whilst growing up Claire was surrounded by a sense of what her family were doing. “As a child I used to pore over the pictures of iconic celebrities and models wearing Oliver Goldsmith glasses". Michael Caine, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Peter Sellers, were the poster boys and girls for style defining eyewear.
Inspired by her family’s legacy Claire Goldsmith decided that 2010 was the year to launch a new generation of Goldsmith design and bring the name into the future under the label CG Eyewear.

HENAU: A Nose for Craftsmanship and Imagination
Eyewear meets art: the perfect way to describe Henau’s vision. Their 100% Belgian glasses blend optical functionality with avantgarde design and that typical craftsmanship character. Recognisable, because they stick to their ways. A trendy look that oozes timelessness. These days, glasses have become a true staple object of any fashionista, expressing and emphasizing its wearer’s personality and character. A logical evolution: since glasses are the first thing people notice when they meet someone, why not make most of this opportunity to make an impression? That is why designer Marc Delagrange, optics and modern art aficionado, showcases glasses as haute couture: objets d’art without affecting functionality and comfort.
Mass production in other words is a no go: HENAU swears by unique, hand drawn designs, profiling itself as a true glasses couturier. Designer Marc Delagrange doesn’t shy away from unconventional views nor technological innovation. Meanwhile, HENAU also remains a glasses specialist with a deep respect for tradition: the science of optics has been around for centuries and has even been traced back to transcripts by medieval monks. HENAU seeks to not only fully honour this craftsmanship, but also to add to this portfolio, to enrich it with its own avant-garde designs, full of character. This vision and approach is paying off: today Henau’s glasses are being sold in 60 countries.
But however international our allure might be, Henau’s home base will always be Belgium, since grassroots craftsmanship, with their own story, is one of their core beliefs. They handed over the assembly to the expertise of specialists in France and Japan, since that simply is where the best talents are. In other words: they opt for knowhow without borders to guarantee top quality.
HENAU will do anything for a pair of glasses that perfectly matches your face, personal preferences and character, in their stride to ‘spread spectacles’ for everyone.

All eyewear is not created equal. Mass brands license familiar "designer" names and manufacture enormous quantities of product using inferior quality materials, technologies and labor, with the singular goal of maximizing profits. In stark contrast to these mass brands, authentic luxury brands like Sama Eyewear eat, drink and breath luxury eyewear, and strictly adhere to fashion's haute couture philosophy of producing only the finest products in extremely limited quantities.
Many of the world's top celebrities, business people and socialites - as well as eyewear industry professional, connoisseurs and collectors - agree that Sama Eyewear's elegant designs, innovative technologies, incomparable materials, unmatched production quality and exclusivity make it the world's finest luxury eyewear brand.
Look Good. Do Good. Sama Eyewear.

At Gold & Wood, everything starts with a drawing … Then comes the careful selection of wood species, according to their nobility, their rarity and the emotion they inspire. The different wood veneers are then shaped and delicately plated on thin aluminum strips. At the heart of the workshop, a true laboratory of creation and innovation, safe and precise gestures made exclusively by hand perpetuate a know-how that our Master Craftsmen have passed on for decades. From the sketch to the frame, dozens of technical steps will follow each other to give life to each Eyepiece. Time is a key ingredient in the equation of the Manufacture, a creation that can mobilize our craftsmen for more than 6 months. Gold & Wood, a reference in terms of innovation and craftsmanship, which preserves its identity and DNA while constantly reinventing itself.

Their frames reflect a strong personality and an authentic singularity.
Rare wood species: They offer a diversity of 12 different precious wood species.
Hand-painted natural silk: Their heritage of nearly 25 years in the art of silk embedded in the heart of wood veneers.
Carbon fiber: They acquired the exclusive control of the integration of carbon fiber in the heart of their eyepieces.
Water buffalo horn: They work with solid horn, its color and pattern are unique, each eyepiece is different.
Solid gold and diamonds: They make Eyepieces of Excellence in the rules of the jeweler's art.

“Glasses are the vade mecum not only to see better and to repair from the sun, but also to create a shield against pollution, bad weather and curiosity of others!
Essential and elegant frames and sunglasses, available in different colors for a contemporary and eco-friendly woman.
Laura Biagiotti has always been careful to the ethics of green and launches the “Bio” eyewear project based on the “green design”.
With this collection the company operates in respect of eco-sustainability through the use of innovative material: the bio plastic.
It is a cellulose acetate – the most common organic compound in nature, extracted from cotton and wood fibers – and it is characterized by a formulation which exclusively contemplates the use of renewable sources substances.

Markus Caviezel - He focuses on the product, not the brand: As a skilled toolmaker Markus Caviezel has always been passionately committed to innovation and continuous optimization.
Born and raised in a big family and now himself the father of four sporty children, two of whom are professional ski racers, he cultivates strong values as an entrepreneur: Autonomy, straightforwardness, loyalty – Swissflex personified.
As the owner he directs Eye-Systems with great personal commitment.

“While maintaining the beauty in every design, the frames in this collection has been reduced to their very core. Thereby eliminating excess and exemplifying great design."
- Tobias Wandrup, Head of Design

Ørgreen’s new Titanium collection introduces six frames, deeply influenced by the Japanese thin architecture. As the inspiration for this collection comes from an apparent culture of modesty, the new designs are slender and irrefutably thin. Nonetheless, the six Titanium styles open up to the wearer’s creativity and styling inventiveness, and just like the Japanese jutaku houses, they are designed to stand out against an urban background.
The new collection also introduces new elements – the temples on Kodama, Hojo, and Yure are soldered to the front. This is a new and bold take on the classic Ørgreen titanium collection, which gives the frame unique look and feel.
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