The Rise of Spectacles in Fashion – and what it means for you

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The Rise of Spectacles in Fashion – and what it means for you

Charlotte Jones Opticians
8 October 2019
Today, glasses are considered a fashion must-have – even if your vision needs no correcting at all. It’s a far cry from days of yore when the mere threat of being called, “four-eyes” or being seen as a nerd could actually prevent those who really needed spectacles from actually  wearing them.

But now, surf any website out there: you’ll see beautiful people and celebs ranging from rock stars to royalty to athletes to actors not only wearing glasses; they’re promoting full eyewear lines – even launching some of their own! Think: Gwen, Ellen, Rihanna, Kylie, Kevin… the list goes on. Glasses have certainly come into their own.

And why not? With such hot designers to choose from, such as Theo, Jacques Marie Mage, Frency & Mercury, Sama, Anne et Valentin and so many more – all available in the Charlotte Jones Showroom – glasses have become the designer accessory of the new age. And everyone can share in the glory. At Charlotte Jones Opticians, we’ll help you find your perfect new elevated look, whether or not you require assistance to see it. And trust: our collection of fashion sunglasses Will. Make. You. Gag.

We invite you to visit our Manhattan Showroom to check out all the new designer eyewear trends your friends won’t see coming. After all, 2018 is already proving to be The Year of The Spectacle, so why not have a little fun transforming into one yourself?

Find your next facial statement at Charlotte Jones Opticians.

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