Kevin Durant Does It Again

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Kevin Durant Does It Again

Charlotte Jones Opticians
8 October 2019
What do you do when you’re the NBA’s Most Valuable Player, an  eight-time NBA All Star, a two-time Olympic gold medal winner, a  successful shoe designer, and you play ball for the top team in the entire country?

Why, of course: you start a fashion eyewear line. Kevin Durant has  added yet another hyphen to his title with his latest endeavor. He’s  teamed up with Nike to debut the KD Optical Collection, which features  styles and colors that complement his thriving Nike Zoom KDX shoe  collection.

Kevin is, of course, an avid eyewear user, so his newest venture  makes perfect sense. The KD Optical Collection designs are sharp, and  feature Durant’s laser-etched signature in the metal core wire, as well  as Nike’s famous swoosh insignia inside the temple. As of right now, you  can’t get sunglasses in the Collection, but that could change in the  future. If you’ve got a special basketball-loving eyewear-er in your  life, a choice pair of frames from Kevin Durant could be the perfect  stocking stuffer.

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