Improving Their Game With Technologically-Advanced Eyewear

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Improving Their Game With Technologically-Advanced Eyewear

Charlotte Jones Opticians
8 October 2019
We never thought we’d be talking about football in our blog. But…

The Detroit Lions dropped more passes last season than nearly any  other team in football. Not good. So, this year, the players have begun  to initiate a new eyewear technology into their practices that will  hopefully help to improve their game, big time.

Coined by one of the players, “Flashing Glasses,” the tinted blue  visor does just that: flash momentarily, thereby blinding you, then  suddenly lighting up your line of vision to escalate your focus as a  ball is being thrown your way. While that might sound weird, it’s a  sensory skill-boosting mind trick that in their opinion seems to be  worth trying out. Though the technology isn’t new, more Lions are  utilizing it during practice than ever before.

Come this fall, we’ll learn if it actually worked. Well… someone will learn.

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