Google Glass Redux

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Google Glass Redux

Charlotte Jones Opticians
6 October 2019
Google Glass is back.

Do you remember that failed consumer product that fizzled upon  release, then tanked about two years ago? Well, it’s returned – but with  a slight twist. Google Glass is now being marketed in a customized form  for just businesses. Called, “Glass Enterprise Edition,” the new  endeavor was officially launched this week. Some new bells and whistles  include a longer battery life and a more comfortable fit that is touted  to be cool for long-term wear.

Jay Kothari, the lead on Glass, says that the product uses software  that compiles animated and video instructions from sources, then  projects them directly into a worker’s line of view so that they don’t  have to pause their work in order to check a binder or a computer to  move forward toward their work goals.

Glass EE has already received a seal of approval from companies, including powerhouses Boeing and Volkswagen.
Behold, the future of the workplace.

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