Campbell Marson Wooden Eyewear exclusively at Charlotte Jones

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Campbell Marson Wooden Eyewear exclusively at Charlotte Jones

Charlotte Jones Opticians
8 October 2019
Wooden designer eyewear is the new new in fashion. Boasting a stylish elegance found nowhere else, the natural beauty of wood enhances your facial features, bestowing you with a unique look that just can’t be duplicated. And when it comes to the chicest wooden eyewear brand around, you needn’t look any further than Campbell Marson.

Guess what? Charlotte Jones Opticians is the exclusive retailer of Campbell Marson Eyewear in the United States.

Based in London, Campbell Marson has been known for its bold bespoke designs since 1924. They have worked with the world’s top architects as well, as eyewear is only a portion of their solid wood game – and a portion they do oh, so well. Their wood is carefully picked out, and each frame goes through an 80-step quality assurance process to ensure excellence. On top of that, every piece is hand-finished in either a gloss or mat lacquer, then buffed to perfection.

If you want to turn heads out here in these streets, snatch up some envy while wearing a lovely piece of art, and looking great doing it, check out Campbell Marson Eyewear, exclusively at Charlotte Jones Opticians in the US. It’s a match made in the stars.

Find your next star mate at Charlotte Jones Opticians.

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