A phone that can see through your sunnies

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A phone that can see through your sunnies

Charlotte Jones Opticians
8 October 2019
You’ve heard. The iPhone X is coming.

And while – along with its $1,000 price tag – it offers a myriad of  new features, including a cool camera and a brand new design that includes more screen space than ever, it also comes with a feature that  no doubt caught your attention just like it did ours: face recognition. Called Face ID, this special something allows you to unlock your phone  just by staring at it. The future is now. But here’s what we’re plenty mind-blown about…

Apple has just confirmed that Face ID will even work while you’re wearing sunglasses. Well, most sunglasses, anyway.

Their software chief has just confirmed that most sunglasses allow in enough IR light for Face ID to recognize you while you’re wearing sunglasses – even when those glasses appear to be completely opaque. What! We are collectively stunned. In a good way.

So, if you do decide to throw down the cash and get you one of these little numbers, rest assured that owning one could potentially up your designer eyewear game. And what could be sweeter than those apples?

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