Keep Your Eyes Wide Open for Fake Solar Eclipse Glasses

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Keep Your Eyes Wide Open for Fake Solar Eclipse Glasses

Charlotte Jones Opticians
8 October 2019
The upcoming total solar eclipse of the sun is getting lots of buzz. And why wouldn’t it, given its rarity and awesomeness? People from around the globe will be heading to America’s Heartland in August to experience this truly incredible and breathtaking phenomenon. Some of them even made their hotel and travel plans three years ago. A total solar eclipse is the one brief time (we’re talking minutes) that you can look directly toward the sun with your naked eyes. But doing so is still ill-advised by many experts, as even just a partial glimpse of the sun as the eclipse shifts can cause retinal damage.

This is serious business, so it requires some serious eye protection. But there are already companies out there taking advantage of the uninformed eclipse audience by selling bogus “eclipse-watching glasses.” The problem is so bad that the state of Wyoming – which will be among the best places to see the event – has issued a warning to attendees, complete with a list of authentic eclipse glasses brands and retailers. The state is asking people to stay away from sellers who didn’t make the list.

If you’re planning to head over to the solar eclipse, check out Wyoming’s website first to ensure that you’re wearing the perfect gear for this amazing occasion.

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